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littlewhisk's Journal

4 November
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50s fashion, adele, afternoon naps, agatha christie, alexander mcqueen, amélie, antiques, apartment life, aquarium keeping, aquariums, armistead maupin, art deco, baking, ben stiller, bill murray, bing crosby, black books, blackadder, bobby darin, bookstores, breakfast at tiffany's, brit comedy, cafés, carter beats the devil, cats, champagne, charlaine harris, chess, chick lit, city living, coffee, cookbooks, cooking, cornwall, country pubs, crafts, crochet, david gray, decos, dim sum, dining out, doctor who, domestic pursuits, ed sheeran, eighties, elton john, england, etsy, fashion, fashion magazines, fine dining, food, food blogging, frank sinatra, gigi, gordon ramsay, guys & dolls, hair pins, harry potter, hermes, history, homewares, hong kong, house, house plants, hugh grant, independent films, jamie cullum, jamie oliver, john connolly, kent, kitchenaid, law, lawrence block, literature, london, louis jourdan, mail, mail art, matchbooks, merlot, michael connelly, michel roux jr, museums, mystery novels, neatness, new york city, newspapers, nigella, oysters, padstow, paper craft, penpalling, poirot, poppies, pot plants, produce markets, pyrmont, qi, quilting, rainy days, rat pack, red wine, restaurants, rob brydon, rod stewart, romance, sewing, sex & the city, sharpe, shoe shopping, shoes, silk scarves, slams, sookie stackhouse, spy books, stationery, stephen fry, swing bands, sydney, tales of the city, tetris, the borgias, the cure, the office, toblerone, torchwood, travel, true blood, vineyards, vintage fashion, vivienne westwood, vogue, welsh accents, wine, yum cha